Hey, when I go to pay on PayPal it says I am paying a company named M Studio, is that right?

Yes, we are a large corporation and have many departments. M Studio takes payment for everything associated with this website. Don't worry. We will still send you a confirm when your order has shipped and we promise it will arrive.

Hey, how long does it take to receive my product when I order from this website?

Well most packages will arrive within just a few days. All of our orders are shipped with FREE priority shipping because it is just the easiest to ship at that speed. We use our own packaging and we always keep a records of every order. So to answer your question it will take no more than 4-6 business days AND if it takes longer than 4-6 business days we will send you free samples that will make your shake taste better!

What is the expiration on the bag or product I am about to purchase?

We purchase all product no more than one week before you purchase it. Although we cannot be specific for every single customer wanting to know the different expiration dates. We place a guarantee that you will NEVER EVER receive a bag of mix that is expired, or going to expire within the next six months.

If I receive my order and it is wrong what do I do? 

Please click the bottom right chat window and send us a message. Although we are not available 24/7 we will answer you as fast as we can. You should send a message and let us know about how we can fix your issue whether it be big or small.

I placed my order and I changed my mind. How do I cancel?

Send an email to info@cheapvisalus.com and tell us you want to cancel, change, or modify your order. We will do so immediately. No order is shipped the same day it is placed to avoid these type of mistakes. We will always combine the shipping on any order especially when you order more than 3 pounds of product. 

Why should I buy from this site or other sites?

Well simply put. You will save more money here. It comes with the same buyers protection as Ebay/Amazon without our company having to pay their insane fees. We want to get the CHEAPEST price to the consumer for the completely overpriced ViSalus products. To do this, we must have an off-site auction site that allows us to sell as much product as possible and give you the easiest shipping experience possible. 

Since I am giving you my information, I am worried that you will try and sell it after you close your business!

This is simple. We will never use your information other than to sell you products on the CheapViSalus website. We are not using your info for any reason, your permission, ever.

My order was cancelled, why?

Sometimes we cancel orders for various reason. Big reasons is fraud and theft. We work very closely with our payment processor, PayPal to ensure the consumers are confirmed at their address. If you are not confirmed at your address your order will mostly likely be refunded depending on the amount you purchase. If you order was refunded and you have a confirmed address; it was most likely because we do not want to do business with you and/or we are out of stock of that item.


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